Individual Accountability for Using Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a plant decoction with a long history of use in the Amazon, where there are incredibly old records of its use by native peoples. Visit YourHighestTruth best ayahuasca retreat, at if you want to try this program to discover who you truly are. You should think twice before using ayahuasca if:

1. You are unaware of the characteristics, effects, and warnings associated with ayahuasca.
2. You comply because others are pressuring you to. Lack of interest in using ayahuasca is among its main contraindications.
3. You don’t have faith in the person giving you ayahuasca.
4. Antidepressants are something you take.
5. You have a family or personal history of some severe mental illnesses.
6. You are expecting or suspect that you are.
7. You don’t have strong physical health. Ayahuasca is probably not a good idea if, for instance, your health prevents you from riding a roller coaster.