Mug as Crypto Gift

In many promotional cases, for example, a film that is popular with the public is being screened in the theatre, and there may be several groups of people who are fans of the character of the film being screened. If a fan is already crazy about the character, then most likely he will try to find attributes of the film character. In this situation, the function of the merchandise being sold will help provide benefits for the producer, such as Mugs that are given as Crypto Gifts of an event.

Some of the functions of promotional merchandise we describe in the experience of handling clients are the following:

1. As company branding or branding of certain company products/services. For example, a promotional table clock that is screened with the company logo and when it is placed on the client’s table will be able to remind the company that gave the promotional goods.

2. As a thank you for attending a certain event, as a souvenir when a client enters a company event/invitation.

3. As a marketing weapon from one client to another prospective new client. We give an example of paper notes that are offset or posted it is usually used by the client in writing small notes and usually, it relates to a 3rd party from the client. It can also be an annual agenda where the agenda is offset by the logo/writing/product summary which can remind clients of a company’s products/services.

4. As a magnet for groups of people to stop by the exhibition stand/boot that is being opened in a crowded center, be it malls, seminars, exhibitions, etc.

5. As a differentiator from other companies, in today’s business competition era, companies that tend to be different both in terms of promotion/promoting Souvenirs will be able to fill the top-of-mind brand in the minds of consumers.

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